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Facebook testing mobile photo sync feature

Facebook is testing out a photo-syncing feature that will link up the photos you take on your phone with your Facebook account.

But don't worry; your Timeline won't become crowded with every blurry happy hour shot or snap of your latest meal.

"When you turn on photo syncing, your mobile photos will be saved to a private section of your Facebook Photos," Facebook said on an FAQ page. "You can easily share your synced photos on your timeline from desktop, mobile, or another device."

The feature, which was first noted by TechCrunch, is currently only available for a small number of users. If Facebook has activated photo syncing on your account, though, there are two ways you can check: with the Facebook app, find the Photos option in the left-hand navigation bar, tap Photos, and "Sync" at the bottom of your pics; and on your Timeline, click Photos and the "Synched from Phone" option atop the page. If Facebook hasn't activated your account, the sync options won't be there.

To share synced photos, click the checkmark on the photos, or click and drag for several photos at once. You can also add them to a status update or private message.

Facebook said photos are usually synced as soon as the photo is snapped.

"However, we also take into account a number of factors, such as your battery level and sync settings," the company said.

In settings, you can opt to only sync over Wi-Fi if you want to preserve battery and data. Photos will be synced at a smaller size (100K) while you're on cellular; over Wi-Fi, the larger versions will be synced.

Apple offers a similar service via Photo Stream, Google added instant uploads to its Google+ iOS app in February 2012, and Microsoft's SkyDrive got a photo sync option back in May.