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Amazon’s bid to secure new web domain meets opposition

Internet retail vendor Amazon has received 28 complaints from three different countries over its move to buy up new web domain suffixes, reports the Telegraph. The Australian representation of the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) was responsible for 26 of the objections.

GAC is an advisory body that represents 50 nations and can make non-binding recommendations to ICANN - the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - over the previously reported allocation of new domain suffixes.

The objections refer to Amazon’s attempts to gain exclusive rights to highly-sought after “strings”, namely, .app .mobile .music and .shop. The Australian delegation cited that the leading retailer’s monopoly of said domains would threaten competition laws.

Furthermore, both Brazil and Peru raised another complaint over the company’s application for .amazon domain suffix.

“The use of this domain for purposes of public interest related to the protection, promotion and awareness raising on issues related to the Amazon biome,” explained the South American representatives.

“It will hinder the possibility of use of this domain to congregate web pages related to the population inhabiting the geographical region.”

Image: Flickr, MikeBlogs