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Instagram launches badges to promote web profiles

You might have heard that Instagram recently rolled out web-based profiles, and possibly even checked yours out.

Up until now, though, you probably haven't gotten much traffic on your new web profile since the only way to promote it was to direct people there with a link. But now there's a new tool to help you link to and advertise your web profile: Instagram badges.

"Instagram badges are available in a range of sizes and can be easily added to your website, blog or anywhere that you want to link to your Instagram web profile," Instagram explained in a blog post Wednesday. You can even add them to a brand website, or campaign promotions to encourage others to visit your profile and check out your moody, artistic snaps.

You can access Instagram badges in two ways. You can simply head to, or, from your web profile, click on your username to access the drop down menu and choose "Badges."

When creating a badge for your account, you must be logged in. After visiting the Badges section, you just need to select the badge you would like to use out of the five available options, then copy the code, and paste it on your website or blog.

Instagram began rolling out the new web profiles earlier this month. To view your profile, or explore someone else's, navigate to[username].

Unsurprisingly, the new Instagram web profiles look a lot like Facebook profiles (see image, top). On the top of each profile, there's a banner image featuring a mosaic-like selection of your recently shared photos. Underneath that is your Instagram profile photo and bio, followed by a grid of thumbnails, organised by date. Your profile will include all the photos you have shared to Instagram.

Rumours first surfaced back in July that Instagram was playing around with expanded web profiles.