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Libon app launches for free video calls and messaging worldwide

Orange has today launched a mobile app that enables users to communicate through calls, instant messaging and personalised voicemails free of charge.

Libon, which is now available on iOS and will arrive on Android in the first quarter of 2013, offers an all-in-one communication experience between users of the app. The HD call feature facilitates conversations via a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, so friends can be contacted via the app wherever they are in the world, free from network tariffs.

There is also an instant messaging option integrated in the app, as well as a voicemail service allowing the user to customise greetings for individuals and groups, and read written transcriptions of voice messages. What’s more, Libon collates all recent calls, messages and voicemails in one place for each contact, making it easy to reference communications with your friends.

Libon, previously available as purely a visual voicemail service, has been unleashed in its new embellished form across 95 different countries.

It also comes in a premium option for £1.99 a month, which goes further by letting users call contacts who aren’t using Libon, send and receive voicemails by email, and have unlimited use of the voicemail customisation (limited to three contacts on free version) and message transcription (otherwise capped at 15 second voicemails).