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Seagate 3.5in 3TB Expansion external hard drive on sale for £100

The average price of storage (measured in GB) has dropped down significantly over the last few weeks and you can now grab a 3.5in 3TB external hard drive from Seagate for as little as £100, including free delivery. Note that you can also opt for a one-day delivery option to an Amazon Locker for only £1.99.

The drive is about the size of a thick paper back book and weighs roughly 1kg. Unsurprisingly, it uses a USB 3.0 interface to connect to your device although it is backwards compatible with USB 2.0, and it also requires an external power supply to run.

The Expansion STBV3000200, as it is known in full, is ergonomic, comes with a backup software suite and can be easily stacked. At 33.33p per GB, it certainly is one of the frontrunners in the cheap hard disk drive pack.

With the average per GB price for most drives hovering above 33p and 2TB thought of as the current sweet spot for the sector - with only 3TB and 4TB drives beyond that storage point - it is likely that to prevent a massive fall in prices, manufacturers will launch 5TB hard drive in 2013.

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