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Best 2012 Black Friday deals in the UK

Black Friday is rapidly becoming a sales phenomenon in the UK, especially with online retailers involved in technology. We are therefore putting together the best deals of Black Friday we can find, to save you the hassle of trawling through those offers. Oh and if you want to know more about Black Friday, then check out our feature: What is Black Friday and why you should care?

£99 Amazon Kindle Fire

This is the headline Black Friday deal from Amazon, a £30 discount on the Kindle Fire which drops it to £99 (albeit the one with the ads), making it one of the best value tablets on the market. It still has some significant flaws; no cameras, no expansion slots, no charger and no support for Google Play, but if you can live with those and want a tablet on a budget, then this is a cracking bargain.

Sony PS3 console down to £138.74 at Sainsburys

Another jaw dropping Black Friday deal which is only available instore. UK Supermarket Sainsburys is offering up to 25 per cent discount off selected consoles, games and accessories and amongst those, the most alluring offer is the 12GB Sony PS3 gaming console whose price goes down from £185 to just under £139. Sure the onboard storage capacity is puny but you can very easily boost it, and given how cheap storage is now (you can get a 1TB drive for £63), the prospect of a 1TB PS3 console for around £200 is very enticing indeed.

Apple iPad Retina display for £368

Apple shaved 7.77 per cent off the suggested retail price of the iPad with Retina display tablet, commonly known as the iPad 4, taking it down to £368. The tablet, which was launched back in October 2012, keeps the 3.1-megapixel display but swaps the existing A5X for a new A6X system-on-chip that doubles the performance without any major impact on battery life. The other major improvements include 4G LTE compatibility with UK networks and Lightning connector.

(Currys actually sells the device for cheaper at £359 until Monday 6PM, so much for Apple's rather disappointing Black Friday offers but we can't link to it because the site is down).

£50 Agfa Selecta 14 Digital Bridge Camera

Sadly, Ebuyer doesn’t celebrate Black Friday like other retailers. Instead, they’ve got Orange Thursday going on (not to confuse with the recently renamed Orange Wednesdays ran by UK mobile phone network Orange). One product that literally caught our eye is a bridge camera from Agfa, the Selecta 14, whose price has been slashed from £85 to £50; that’s a 41 per cent discount. Go past the tacky finish and you’ll find a decent 14-megapixel shooter with a 15x optical zoom, a pop up flash, an ergonomic finish, a 2.7in LCD viewfinder and a lot of controls. We’re almost tempted to get one just for the sake of it.

Amazon Black Friday digital games download offers

Here’s a little known loophole that has been rarely publicised. You can download games that are available from simply by using a (bogus) US address. Note that you may be charged a fee by your card issuer but if you are going on shopping spree today, then it is worth it. You can find the entire list (more than 400 names) on Amazon’s dedicated games download page. Amongst the ones that grabbed our attention are BattleField 3: Premium Edition, and Saints Row: The Third available from $29.99 and $20 respectively.

Google Play Black Friday offers

Here is a list of app offers from Google Play with savings of up to 80 per cent.


Accuweather Platinum £0.63 £1.99 Save 67%Blacklist Pro £0.84 £1.68 Save 50% Camera Zoom FX £0.99 £1.99 Save 50% 90Droid ExtremeFitness Tracker £0.62 £2.10 Save 70% Grocery King £0.64 £2.99 Save 80% Memory Booster £0.93 £1.86 Save 50% The Night Sky £0.69 £2.75 Save 75% Perfectly Clear for Android £0.62 £1.24 Save 50% Procapture - camera + panorama £0.79 £2.99 Save 75% Push to Kindle £0.75 £1.50 Save 50% RocketDial Pro £1.25 £2.50 Save 50% SplashID Safe for Android £3.13 £6.26 Save 50% Splashtop Remote Desktop £3.13 £6.26 Save 50% Splashtop Remote Desktop HD £5.64 £12.49 Save 55% Swiftkey 3 Keyboard £1.49 £2.99 Save 50% Swiftkey 3 Tablet Keyboard £1.49 £2.99 Save 50%


The Adventures of TinTin £0.69 £1.38 Save 50% Azkend £0.79 £1.58 Save 50% Epic Meal Time £0.64 £1.28 Save 50% Fell: Escape Cyrocon £0.62 £1.25 Save 50% Fling £0.62 £1.25 Save 50% GA 1: An Assassin in Orlandes £0.64 £2.99 Save 80% Homerun Battle 3D £0.74 £2.40 Save 80% Hotel Mogul £0.63 £1.25 Save 50% Sparkle £0.99 £1.99 Save 50% Spirit HD £1.19 £2.38 Save 50%

£764 Apple Macbook Air at Currys

Currys yet again manages to beat Apple’s own offers by offering the cheapest MacBook Air for a mere £764 compared to Apple’s “special offer” of £768. That’s a saving of £85 or just over 10 per cent. The retailer is currently having a 100-hour price crash sale but doesn’t call it Black Friday. The MD223B/A was launched back in June 2012 and comes with a dual-core Ivy-Bridge-based Intel Core i5 processor clocked at 1.7GHz with 3MB L3 cache, 4GB of RAM, an 11.6in 1,366 x 768 display, 64GB flash memory, a card reader and Apple OS X 10.7 Lion. Check out our review of the Apple MacBook Air, albeit the 13in model.

£95 3TB external hard disk from eBay

Ebay’s deal of the day, which technically counts as a Black Friday offer, is a Seagate Expansion 3TB external hard disk drive which is now available from £95, that’s less than 3.2p per GB with an additional 95 Nectar Points bonus. This is as far as we know if the cheapest per GB storage we’ve seen, inching ever closer to the 3p per GB barrier. As for the drive itself, it comes with two year warranty and is a model of understatement. It looks like a black slate brick and has been designed in such a way to make stacking up a couple simple.

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