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HP to become an “end-to-end printing workflow provider”

ITProPortal asked Robert Dinkelacker, a business manager in HP's Enterprise Printing and Solutions department, to give us a broad overview of the opportunities and challenges that the company will face over the next few months.

He began by extolling the virtues of HP’s scalable printing technology, which the company has managed to miniaturise and integrate into the new Officejet Pro X printer range as PageWide. Dinkelacker described the technology as a “fantastic opportunity” for the company.

On the growing threat of legal and illegal non-HP consumables, he dismissed the problem, saying that third-party companies have to wait for volumes to pick up before being able to justify research and development investments. Moreover, these companies also need to tweak their production techniques so as to avoid infringing on the thousands of printer technology patents owned by HP.

On the topic of the HP Flow document management technology, Dinkelacker highlighted the fact that it is made up of two components - a content management (or CM) platform and a multi-function printer (MFP). The document management system, which will ship next year, will be the first Autonomy-based product to carry the HP label. It is due to target consumers in the SMB and enterprise spaces by offering both cloud-based and on-premise solutions.

HP Flow carries a huge potential because of the growing importance of mobility, cloud computing and digitisation within the work environment, Dinkelacker claimed. This, he hinted, means that more Flow-based solutions are likely to appear at the lower end of the market because SMBs in general have warmed up to cloud-based solutions.

On the theme of contract printing and MPS (managed printing services), he said that the popularity of the concept is growing because customers believe that it is cheaper. Bigger growth is being experienced in basic printing services with options like Carepack being bundled, an indication that SMBs are embracing MPS at a faster rate than bigger enterprises.

Ultimately, Dinkelacker concluded, this highlights HP’s ongoing transformation from a hardware-only provider into an end-to-end provider of printing workflow, one where Autonomy’s technology comes to life.

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