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Tesco giving away free broadband to its Mobile customers?

Tesco Mobile customers can now get free broadband from Tesco Broadband as part of their package. Deals run for 12 months on a 30 day rolling contract (with a £40 set up fee), or as part of a 12-month phone contract (no fees). Oddly, 24-month tariffs seem to be excluded.

Users will have to pay the line rental (which costs £13.72) and quote MOBFREE4 at check out. The deal includes a free wireless router (a Technicolor 582N Pro model), unlimited broadband as well as inclusive evening and weekend calls.

An additional £4.50 a month adds unlimited anytime calls to the bundle. The deal only applies to new customers and after the first 12 months, the monthly fee rises to £20.50 per month. Users living outside of O2's network area will have to pay extra.

Tesco is not the first provider to give free broadband with mobile phone contracts, nor is it the supermarket giant's initial foray into digital deal-making. Back in August, it also offered a £30 giftcard to customers opting for the basic broadband offer.

Carphone Warehouse did it previously for anyone pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone a few months ago, and TalkTalk even had a “free broadband” offering where the customer only had to pay line rental.

If you did fancy hopping into bed with Tesco Mobile, why not check out the Nokia Lumia 800 deal we recently highlighted? It's a very good entry-level phone and the cheapest Windows Phone device we could find on the market.

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