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Nintendo 'Wii Mini' leaked by Canadian retailer

It seems that this holiday season may play host to two new Nintendo consoles rather than just one, as Best Buy’s Canadian site has inadvertently leaked the upcoming release of the “Wii Mini” ahead of this Friday's release of the Wii U.

The new console sports a redesigned form factor and has been given a Canadian release date of 7 December, according to the North American retail giant. There are no actual dimensions given to the new Wii variant, but the 'Mini' moniker does denote a smaller proportioned system.

ITProPortal has contacted the Nintendo press office with regards to the leak and is currently awaiting a reply.

If the speculation proves true, the release of a Wii Mini would see Nintendo following competitors like Sony and Microsoft by offering smaller versions of older consoles, using a simplified refresh to mop up late system adopters before the products go into end-of-life.

Current examples include Sony's PS3 Slim, Super Slim and Microsoft's Xbox 360 S. Both companies variant offerings are sold at a considerably lower price point compared to the original systems, due to significantly lower component costs and an exponential reduction in R&D spending later in a product's life cycle.

As such, the Mini’s potential price might follow this pattern - a 500GB PS3 Slim is on special from some retailers for just over £200.

UPDATE: Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii Mini is official and will be exclusive to Canada over the holiday period.

"The system launches in Canada on December 7th with a suggested retail price of $99.99 (£62.34). No announcements have been made regarding other regions," read a Nintendo UK statement.