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When will Nintendo's Wii U media hub TVii arrive in the UK?

Nintendo has revealed that its TVii multimedia Wii U application will be coming to European shores in 2013.

The service will purportedly transform the console into a media hub by allowing the user to browse programming from multiple subscription services via the touch-enabled GamePad.

“Nintendo TVii will be available in selected regions throughout Europe in 2013. More details will be announced in due course,” Nintendo said in a statement.

Nintendo TVii was originally set to come pre-installed with the console but failed to meet the Wii U’s US launch, as did accompanying streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus. Unlike British consumers, however, American gamers will not have to endure too long of a wait, as Nintendo also announced that it will commence Stateside rollout of the TVii application on 8 December.

On the same day, the console will also launch in Japan, where promises have similarly been made that TVii will arrive pre-installed on the Wii U.

Nintendo's next-gen console will go live in the UK this Friday, so be sure to check in with ITProPortal for coverage on its release.

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