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ZTE Apache: monster 8-core smartphone to best Samsung Galaxy S4 in 2013?

As mobile phone enthusiasts start to look ahead to 2013, all eyes are undoubtedly on the industry's big boys, Apple and Samsung, and their expected next-generation blockbuster handsets, the future iPhone and the Galaxy S4.

Far from content to sit quietly and play second fiddle to the established order, upstart Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE wants to join the party too, judging by recent rumours of a world-beating Android device code-named 'Apache.'

Featuring a monster 8-core MediaTek SoC set-up - potentially the mobile world's first, depending on when it arrives - based on ARM's new-gen Cortex-A15 technology, the ZTE 'Apache' will also feature a 13-megapixel primary camera, 1080p display, and 4G LTE support.

Such specifications, if accurate, would radically better the company's 2012 flagship, the ZTE Grand X, and ensure the Chinese firm its fair share of headlines in the new year.

According to the China Times as first Anglicised by Unwired View, ZTE's new flagship device is being lined up for a May 2013 release, which could hint at a formal unveiling at February's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, or potentially even as early as January at CES over in Las Vegas.

The smart money would seem to be on ZTE opting for the European setting for its Western 'Apache' launch, given the hostility it has faced in the US this autumn.

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