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TomTom updates app for larger iPhone 5 display

Navigational assistant TomTom has today released an updated version of its iOS app, designed to take full advantage of the enlarged screen on the iPhone 5.

With Jony Ive and co taking the latest iteration of Apple’s wildly popular smartphone from a 3.5in device to a longer 4in display model, TomTom’s app developers have ensured their new product takes advantage of the iPhone 5’s full visual capabilities.

Quite simply, more map can be seen while the user is navigating, while the menu and search screens have also been enhanced so the driver can see a greater number of options on screen.

The app, available for iPad as well as iPhone, is fully functional with or without signal.

The new 1.12 version can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store now, costing £39.99 for the UK and Ireland map.