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Tribunal rules in favour of Nokia over wireless patents

Nokia has announced that an arbitrator has ruled in its favour over a dispute with RIM over the retail of products that utilise WLAN technology. The Finnish company has asked a US court to enforce the ruling until the two companies come to terms over royalty rates.

The arbitration took place at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce during September, with both parties first agreeing to be bound by the findings. The arbiter concluded that RIM was in breach of contract and therefore must stop the manufacture and retail of all WLAN-enabled products.

The two companies first signed a cross-license agreement in 2003, which entailed the sharing of patents that are essential to the production of mobile devices. This deal was revised in 2008 with arbitration being initiated by RIM in 2011 as a means to gain access to Nokia's WLAN patents.

RIM has yet to acknowledge the ruling, however.

"RIM and its U.S. subsidiary RIM Corporation nevertheless continue to violate the award and breach the underlying agreement, through actions including but not limited to the unauthorised manufacture and sale of WLAN products within this district [Northern California] and throughout the United States,” the firm said, according to Computerworld.

Nokia has also sent enforcement requests to courts in the UK and Canada.