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Dutch court approves ban on Samsung Galaxy devices infringing on Apple patent

Apple scored another patent victory this week when a Dutch court approved a ban on some of Samsung's older, Galaxy-branded gadgets.

As reported by Bloomberg, Judge Peter Blok of the Hague District Court found that the Samsung devices infringe on an Apple patent for navigating photos in a gallery.

In August 2011, the same court imposed an EU-wide preliminary injunction against Samsung Galaxy smartphones; this latest ruling converts that ruling into a permanent injunction, according to patent blogger Florian Mueller.

Samsung got around the infringing "bounce back" photo gallery feature by using a "blue flash" instead, he said. But the company will owe Apple damages.

"The amount of damages Samsung owes Apple will have to be determined in a separate proceeding," Mueller wrote. "Given the limited size of the Dutch market and the fact that this is not a jurisdiction known for outrageous damages awards, the absolute amount will likely be small, presumably even below the legal fees incurred."

Reuters said the devices in question were running Android Gingerbread or Honeycomb; gadgets being released by Samsung at this point largely run Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean.