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Hitachi 4TB Touro DX3 external HDD available for £140

Storage prices are going down faster than some might have predicted. While the Hitachi 4TB Touro DX3 desktop hard drive (available for £140 at doesn’t has the cheapest per GB price we’ve seen recently (that accolade goes to the Seagate 3TB Expression external hard drive), it should be top of your list if you want the biggest hard drive on the market for the lowest overall cost.

The Touro DX3 come with a stackable desktop design although we’re not sure whether it is a good idea to stack external hard drives. There’s no on/off button, but it has a single 3.5in drive inside (which explains the need for a power adaptor), a USB 3.0 connector and is compatible with recent Windows and Apple operating systems.

Ebuyer also sells a more expensive £150 Touro Desk Pro external hard drive with a similar storage capacity.

Western Digital purchased HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) in March last year and back in September, the company announced that it was going to ship helium-filled hard drives. This may allow it to cram up to seven platters in a standard 3.5in form factor to deliver at least 7TB in the future.

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