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Sharp reportedly seeking investment from US Firms

Bedeviled consumer products developer Sharp is offering corporate equity in exchange for a capital investment, the Wall Street Journal has reported. The Japanese firm is believed to be in negotiations with Dell, Qualcomm and Intel as talks with Hon Hai have faltered.

The renowned display manufacturer is trying to arrange an individual $240 million (£150 million) investment from leading candidates Dell and Intel in a bid to turn around its financial misfortunes, according to sources close to the firm. This corroborates with earlier reports that suggested equity negotiations where being held between Sharp, Intel and Qualcomm.

Texas-homed company Dell would also benefit from a deal as it will facilitate greater access to Sharp’s liquid-crystal-display panels for use in its hardware.

No figures have been given in regards to a possible Qualcomm investment, though it is understood that Sharp is asking the chip manufacturer for a smaller amount of capital injection.

Officials at all the companies have yet to comment on the report.