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Today's Tech: Apple in-fighting, unhappy Microsoft shareholders and an apologetic Nintendo

Astronauts could soon be afforded the ability to create tools from lunar rocks on future moon expeditions. Research conducted by Washington State University has seen researchers devise a method by which 3D printers can create small objects out of lunar materials utilising lasers. Further progress could see a reduction in spacecraft equipment required for missions as a 3D printer loaded with digital files of tool design would be a more lightweight alternative.

With the Wii U due to launch at midnight its only fitting that we report on Nintendo's next-gen offering. However the news is tinged with a sombre note, as company president Satoru Iwata apologised for Nintendo's failure to provide the consoles full range of features out of the box. Prospective UK customers will be required to download a large patch during the systems setup in order to access key features. For more on the story follow the link.

On to Apple news now, as former company executive Tony Fadell has said that Scott Forstall Fadell, who worked on creating the iPod, left Apple in 2008 as a result of what many speculated as clashes between him and Forstall over the hardware of the first iPhone. In an interview with the BBC, Fadell refuses to go into details of his feud with the former Apple executive but he does remark that other employees were "cheering in Cupertino" when Forstall departed.

BSkyB is further expanding its reach, announcing that it has launched NOW TV onto Roku streaming media players. Originally unveiled for PC, Android and iOS devices as well as the Xbox 360, the Internet TV service has since rolled out to YouView set-top boxes on an on-demand only basis.

Roku's models will be the first to offer access to live Sky content via a NOW TV subscription, which will cost £15 a month in full but is currently available on a 30-day free trial. Moreover, skinflint armchair pundits will no doubt be pleased to hear that Sky Sports is expected to be added to the service in the near future, so every scintillating bit of Barclays Premier League action will be available along with the latest film release for a smidgen of the price of a full contract. Despite only landing in the UK earlier this year, Roku has made significant inroads into Britain's set-top box market, and we expect more big things to come in the future, especially if its partnership with pay TV supremo Sky continues to blossom.

Lastly, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer faced a grilling from his company shareholders in Washington last night, as investors demanded answers for why the firm continues to trail market-leaders like Apple and Google. Ballmer was typically bullish and pointed to increased hardware innovation now working in tandem with Microsoft's software development, as well as his team's "phenomenal job of driving product volumes." But he was forced to admit that the cornerstone of that hardware strategy, the Surface tablet, may have arrived a little too late to make an impact in the sector... Is he right? Follow the link for more.