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Microsoft Surface Pro to have half the battery life of Surface RT

Microsoft's Surface tablet with Windows Pro, set to be released in January, will have half the battery life of Surface with Windows RT.

The software giant has revealed US pricing details for the Pro tablet, which will run on the full version of Windows 8 instead of the scaled down RT version that the current Surface model runs on. The new device will be available from January in two options: 64GB for $899 (£560) or 128GB for $999 (£623).

A tweet posted by the Surface team at Microsoft confirmed that the Surface Pro will have four to five hours of battery life - half that of the Surface RT, which currently gets between eight to ten hours.

The lower battery life is down to the fact that the Surface Pro will run a more powerful Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor, instead of the less power-hungry ARM processor that the Surface RT uses.

Microsoft released the Surface tablet with Windows RT, its first entry into the tablet market, just last month, alongside its new operating system Windows 8. The firm also released a range of Windows Phone 8 handsets.

The Windows Surface tablet has been well received by the tech community, but it has drawn criticism for the lack of apps available in the Windows Store. Microsoft has yet to reveal any sales figures for the tablet but CEO Steve Ballmer remarked earlier in the month that sales were off to a "modest" start.

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed that it has sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses in just a month, apparently putting it ahead of its predecessor Windows 7, which sold just over 60 million units in the first 10 weeks of sales in 2009.