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Cheapest Blu-ray player in the UK falls below £30

Novatech has put the LiteOn IHOS104-06 Blu-ray player on sale for just under £28, a price that excludes P&P. The drive is an OEM model meaning that it doesn’t come with any fancy packaging, only a disk.

The device – which is not a write - has a SATA interface and read speeds of 4x BD-R, 12x DVD+/-R, 8x DVD+/-RW, 40x CD-R respectively. It will fit in a spare 5.25in external bay

Note that you can also get a slim internal Blu-ray player from Samsung, the TS-LB23P, from £34.99 from the same retailer. This model can be used in a laptop with an available bay.

The price difference between DVD and Blu-ray players and writers has fallen to an all-time low, fuelled by the maturity of the Blu-ray technology. It is now common to find standalone Blu-ray players from popular brands for less than £50.

It is also likely that the widespread availability of streaming services like Netflix or Lovefilm means that demand for components for optical drives (Blu-ray, DVD) has softened which in terms is driving prices down.

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