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PulseBox HTPC Barebone computer down to £120

If you want to get a nice looking computer next to your large screen television, it is likely that you will opt for something that looks way better than a black or beige, vertically standing box.

You’d probably opt for something like the PulseBox, a nice looking barebone computer that weighs 1.8Kg and measures 6x21x21cm and only needs an operating system, memory and a hard disk drive to work.

The product is available from Pulse-eight for £120 and includes a full aluminium chassis, an AMD Fusion E350 APU (with an ATI HD6310 graphics onboard), a Sapphire motherboard with an A50M chipset, a silent chipset fan and an SD card reader.

Given that you can get 8GB of RAM for around £20 and a 1TB hard disk drive for £50, you should be able to kit that barebone for £190 without the OS (for which you can use a Linux distribution for example).

Note however that there are no spare expansion bays for an optical drive for example. Also the Fusion E350 is likely to insufficient for any games beyond 720p.

There’s also the rising threat of HDMI dongles that hide behind television sets and provide with the bulk of the functionalities of the Pulsebox but at a fraction of the price.

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