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Swiss spy agency warns UK over huge data breach

Secret information on the UK's counter-terrorism strategy may have been stolen and sold to foreign governments by an employee of Switzerland's intelligence service, Nachrichtendienst des Bundes (NDB).

Reuters reports that it is often common for countries like the US, UK and other European states to routinely share information on counter-terrorism and it is this information the Swiss government believe has been compromised.

Swiss authorities issued the warning after a disgruntled employee in the Swiss intelligence agency was arrested and found with hard drives full of sensitive data. The suspect is yet to be named but is believed to have become disgruntled because he felt ignored at work and intended to sell the data to foreign officials or commercial buyers.

According to Swiss news reports, the NDB only realised there was a security breach after Switzerland's largest bank, UBS, raised suspicions to authorities over an attempt to set a bank account that was then traced back to the NDB data theft suspect.

Although Swiss authorities have insisted that they have confiscated all the hard drives containing confidential data found on the perpetrators, they warned that they could not be certain that he hadn't already sold or passed on the information. As a result, the NDB felt obliged to notify the UK and US on the possible breach.

Image Credit: Flickr (balusss)