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Today's Tech: EE provides free security for Android, The Times offers discounted Nexus 7s, Qualcomm eyes Sharp investment

The UK's sole LTE provider will now be offering complimentary Lookout security with future sales of Android enabled devices. The deal will take effect in 2013 and also extends to affiliated networks Orange and T-Mobile. The deal stems from a new partnership between the service provider and the mobile security firm, which you can discover more about by following the link.

EE was not the only company to conduct some headline worthy business today, as chipmaker Qualcomm is said to be investing $120 million (£74 million) into struggling Japanes firm Sharp. As a result of the deal, Pixtronix, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, will collaborate with Sharp to produce power-saving MEMS displays based upon Sharp's much admired IGZO technology. It is also possible that Sharp will collaborate with the US manufacturer to start producing chipsets. Exact details have not yet been revealed, but it is likely that Qualcomm will become Sharp's biggest shareholder when the deal goes through. An initial injection of £37 million will be made before the turn of the year. Sharp is facing an annual net loss of over £2.2 billion for the fiscal year, ending in March.

In other news, The Times is subsidising the Nexus 7 tablet as part of its subscription package. The only UK newspaper to impose a paywall is offering a 32GB Nexus 7, worth £199, for a mere £50 – the catch being that it has to be bought alongside an 18-month subscription to its Digital Pack working out at £17.33 per month or £299 upfront. The package is similar to those sold by mobile phone operators on the latest handsets, whereby they subsidise the handset and recoup the money through premium monthly phone plans. If the deal is a success, it could mark the beginning of newspapers combining hardware/content subscriptions.

Lastly, Apple brought us two showpiece launch events in the latter half of 2012, and although the iPhone 5 build-up created the greater furore prior to its unveiling, the iPad mini event in October arguably usurped its predecessor by virtue of the accompanying products that were revealed on the night. Not least the super-thin 27in Apple iMac, whose incredible 5mm thick body wooed onlookers just as much as that slick new tablet. It's a premium product with a premium price, so check out our full review of the desktop to see if its worth the hype - and the money.