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Microsoft offers 28% Azure price cut

Microsoft will be reducing its prices for Windows Azure Storage by 28 per cent from 12 December. The announcement comes mere days after competitors Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) administered their own price drops.

Google reduced its storage rates by 20 per cent with AWS following suit announcing a 25 per cent reduction for its Amazon S3 service. Microsoft’s aggressive pricing policy is a strong show of intent against it cloud storage competitors.

Windows Azure will soon offer the first terabyte of standard, geographically redundant storage at $0.095 per GB (0.059). AWS also offers the same rate, while Google boasts the cheapest pricing at $0.085 per GB (£0.053).

However Windows Azure’s General Manager, Steven Martin, asserts that additional services provided makes this solution the best value for money.

“We recently announced deployment of a flat network for Windows Azure across all of our datacentres to provide very high bandwidth network connectivity for storage clients which significantly enhances scenarios like Map Reduce, HPC, and others,” wrote Martin in a blog post.

“We also announced increased scalability targets for Windows Azure Storage and continue to invest in improving bandwidth between compute and storage.”