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LinkedIn partners up with Quora after dropping Twitter

Question-and-answer site Quora wants to help land you a job - or at least make some new contacts. The company today announced a new integration with LinkedIn, which will make it easier to share professional knowledge and expertise.

"Answering questions on Quora demonstrates your knowledge and experience as well as helpfulness, empathy, a sense of humor, and confidence," Quora designer Richard Henry wrote in a blog post.

To enable the new sharing feature, users can connect their Quora account with their LinkedIn account from the Quora settings page.

"With easier sharing from Quora to your new LinkedIn Profile, knowledge and expertise shared on Quora can now also become part of your professional story and identity on the world's largest professional network," Henry said.

LinkedIn's redesigned profiles, rolled out in October, are aimed at making it easier for users to "make a powerful first impression and showcase [their] skills and accomplishments," the company said — a move that Henry believes will help boost the LinkedIn partnership.

"The knowledge and expertise you share on Quora can now become part of your professional biography and identity," he said.

The revamped LinkedIn site offers users better access to professional connections while keeping privacy settings intact, along with a redesigned Company Pages and LinkedIn Today social news feed. Additionally, improvements to the mobile site are in their early stages.

LinkedIn did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Since the networking site dropped its Twitter integration this summer, the Quora partnership adds a new option to share more than just your CV on LinkedIn.