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Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone now available from £20.50 per month

You can now grab the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone on a two year contract on mobile phone operator Orange for as little as £20.50 per month, via online retailer BuyMobilePhones - that’s £492 for the duration of the contract. The plan includes 100 minutes, unlimited texts, BT Openzone Wi-Fi, 500MB data allowance and one free swapables plus Magic Numbers and Orange Wednesdays.

It took just over seven months for the first sub-£500 contract for the Galaxy S3 to appear. Samsung’s former flagship handset carried a suggested retail price of £500. It’s worth noting that the cheapest Galaxy S3 on the open market costs around £370 which means that the SIM-only equivalent price of the contract is around £122 (or a fiver per month).

The S3 is rumoured to be replaced by the Samsung Galaxy S4, a brand new smartphone that may well be released at the CES 2013 event in Las Vegas in less than one month. It remains a very capable handset although its quad-core system-on-chip or its 4.8in Super AMOLED HD display or its 8-megapixel camera no longer get heads turning.

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