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Google reportedly replacing mergers and acquisitions boss with high-ranking lawyer

Google is preparing to announce an internal shift that will see it replace its mergers and acquisitions head David Lawee, according to a Reuters report citing “a person familiar with the matter.”

The source said one of the search giant’s top lawyers, Don Harrison, will replace Lawee as chief of one of the tech world’s most active mergers and acquisitions departments. Google has acquired more than 160 firms and assets since 2010, including the company behind its Android platform and the startup behind its recently revamped Gmail apps.

Meanwhile, Lawee will take the reins of a new Google late-stage venture investment department. The group is still being developed, but “might operate separately from Google Ventures,” according to Reuters.

"Think of it as a private equity fund inside of Google," the source said.

Google Ventures recently received a $100 million (£62 million) bump to its annual cash allocation, giving it a yearly total of $300 million (£187 million) with which to fund acquisitions.

It could prove to be a good fit for Lawee, whose background as an entrepreneur who sold four companies before joining Google could help bolster the alleged new department.