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GhostShell hackers release details of 1.6m accounts

Hacking collective GhostShell has released details tied to 1.6 million government and business accounts online, in what it says will be its final operation of the year.

The organisation announced the dump as part of its #ProjectWhiteFox, a series of attacks intended to promote hacktivism worldwide and gain support for online freedom of information.

The data in question is claimed to have been prised from a total of 37 individual organisations, specialising in fields like aerospace, banking, education, government, law, military and nanotechnology.

Included in the releases is data from NASA, the European Space Agency and the Institute of Makers of Explosives. Records include such details as names, email addresses, passwords, home addresses, log-in names and CVs.

In order to prevent quick discovery and deletion, GhostShell published its findings on an array of separate websites – the collective listed over 450 unique links.

GhostShell also claims to have sent details of shortcomings in 150 servers to the security departments of the breached firms via email.

"Happy holidays and who knows, maybe we'll see each other again next year!" GhostShell concludes.

The hacking group made headlines in October after penetrating 100 top university servers and subsequently publishing 120,000 student records, and again in November after releasing 2.5 million Russian government and business records.