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Apple's Find My iPhone app now provides driving directions

Apple today rolled out a small but potentially useful update for its Find My iPhone app that gives users driving directions to their missing device.

The latest version of the app shows the device's location as a point of interest, and gives users the option to tap a car icon and get driving directions there.

In order to take advantage of the new navigation feature to track down a lost or stolen device, the user obviously needs a second iOS device on which the Find My iPhone app is installed — either their own or a friend's or family member's.

Find My iPhone, which has been named as one of the 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps, can help users track down a missing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. If your device is lost or stolen, Find My iPhone can locate it physically, on a map, to show you precisely where it is.

If you misplace your phone and think it might be in the hands of someone you trust, you can log into the iCloud website from any computer or Internet-connected device and send a message that will flash on the screen. If you think you misplaced it somewhere nearby, you can log in and force the phone to play a loud tone, even if it's set to vibrate-only or silent mode. Find My iPhone also lets you remotely lock the device or erase all of its data.

The new navigation feature is only available on devices running iOS 6.

On iPhone 5 launch day this September, members of the New York Police Department were on hand at Apple stores encouraging users to activate the Find My iPhone feature on their new device. Police in the city also launched an "Anti-Apple Picking Campaign," which allows customers to register their device with local Apple stores and other locations around the city.