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O2 hikes prices for 7 million subscribers

O2 has announced that it will increase the price of its pay monthly mobile phone plans by 3.2 per cent as of 28 February 2013. Some seven million subscribers, over half of the mobile network’s clientele, will be required to pay an additional 58p per month.

The new policy will affect both consumer and business customers who are on monthly plans, while corporate customers on bespoke contracts, O2 lease customers, and those with Pay & Go, home phone, and home and mobile broadband accounts will be exempt from the price hike.

O2’s price increase follows similar moves by other major UK networks such as T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and Three, all of whom have all instated mid-term price bumps during the course of this year.

“At a time when our competitors have been raising the price of their tariffs, we have resisted. We’ve held off for as long as possible but now need to make a change,” reads a statement from O2 on the matter.

The mobile operator points to ever-rising external costs as the instigating factor behind the increased price plan, which is in-line with the current rate of inflation.

However, O2 has promised that the upped pricing will be restricted to monthly tariffs. “This change means everything else stays the same including charges for calls, texts and data," the company insisted.

The day has not treated O2 kindly. The operator is also facing allegations of misinformation from advertising regulator the Advertising Standards Authority.

Image Credit: Flickr (DeclanTM)