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Pinterest supports Twitter cards following Instagram withdrawal

When one door closes on Twitter cards, another door opens. In the wake of Instagram disabling its Twitter cards integration, Pinterest has swooped in to offer its assistance.

By adding support for Twitter cards, Twitter users can now add Pinterest links to their tweets and have the content of that link appear below their message. The addition was first noted by social media blogger Kelly Lieberman, who tweeted a Pinterest link to and a photo of a Happy Chanukah pin.

"Have you noticed that you can view your Pinterest Pins on Twitter?" she wrote on her blog. "Pinterest has added Twitter Card support!"

Twitter Cards have been in the news since last week, when Instagram pulled its Twitter Cards integration. The move resulted in Instagram photos appearing cropped on users' Twitter feeds; by the weekend, they were not appearing at all. You can still upload Instagram photos to Twitter, but followers will have to click the Instagram link to view your photo rather than look at it directly on the feed.

A Pinterest spokeswoman said the site began a limited test of Twitter cards early last week, pointing out that it started its experiment before Instagram made any adjustments. "Timing is simply a coincidence," the spokeswoman said.

So, if you don't want to bother with that extra click, Pinterest could be the solution. The feature works almost identically to how Instagram once functioned: A short message will accompany the direct link and a photo preview, with the title of the Pinterest board and the original caption below. Other Twitter users can reply, retweet, favourite, or share the tweet. The only noticeable change comes with the lack of saved pins in the user's "recent images" sidebar, where Instagram photos used to live.

Instagram boss Kevin Systrom said last week that the company made its decision based in part on Instagram's exploding popularity.

"A handful of months ago, we supported Twitter cards because we had a minimal Web presence," he said in a statement. Now that the photo-sharing site has been rebooted to include the ability to like images, leave comments, and add hashtags, Systrom believes the best user experience can be found by linking directly to original content on the Instagram page.

Meanwhile, Twitter this week announced that it is joining the photo-filtering gang by releasing its own filters, for use directly in the app.

Pinterest has been holding its own in the social networking world, boosting overall usage by 1,698 per cent year-over-year. Last month, the popular site began ringing in the holiday season with the first of its 30 Days of Pinspiration, unveiling each day a new series of holiday boards through the New Year.