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Ofcom: UK uses the most mobile data in the world

Britain is the most data-hungry nation in the world, a new survey suggests.

The report, published by telecoms regulator Ofcom, shows that the explosion in smartphone sales has led to Britain topping a list that compares mobile data usage in 17 of the world's most developed nations.

The figures show that almost 60 per cent of UK consumers now have a smartphone and download a record 424 megabytes of data each every month, a massive 60 per cent jump from 2011.

Most of the data is down to heavy usage on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter but more and more Britons are regularly streaming TV shows every week, with iPlayer being a particular favourite.

In addition, Internet shopping is now more popular in the UK than any other country, with Britons spending an average of £1,083 a year shopping online, compared with Australia which spends the second highest at £842.

James Thickett, Ofcom's Director of Research, said the UK has long been one of the fastest to embrace new technology and claimed that Brits are now using online shopping as way to spot bargains- as seen with catalogue shopping in the past.

"We have a long history of catalogue shopping in the UK, and as many daily activities are increasingly carried out online, the internet has become the new destination for many shoppers," explained Thickett.

Image Credit: Flickr (gailjadehamilton)