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Is Apple prepping a new Retina display iPad mini for 2013?

So far, the main complaint about Apple's iPad mini is that it does not boast the same high resolution Retina display found on the iconic manufacturer's larger tablets. Recent reports, however, suggest that Apple is already working on a new iPad mini with an improved screen.

According to a Digitimes report, which cited a Taiwan-based backlighting industry source, the next generation of the iPad mini will offer a superior display, although it remains unclear whether that means Apple will give the device its famed Retina standard.

The source also claims that Apple will introduce a slimmer and lighter full form factor iPad by restructuring the device's configuration from two LED light bars down to one.

Some believe that a Retina display on the iPad mini would be impractical due to the power demands of the high resolution display, and such an improvement would also likely drive up the price of the £269 device. But that hasn't stopped analysts and industry insiders from predicting a Retina display for the next iPad mini, as well as a surge in product production.

DisplaySearch analyst David Hsieh, for instance, opined in a recent blog that "in 2013, it is likely that Apple will adjust its product portfolio to meet the strong demand for the iPad mini. We believe that Apple is targeting total iPad shipments of 100 million in 2013, half accounted for by the iPad mini."