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No Galaxy S4 unveiling at CES as Samsung focuses on televisions

Over the past few months, the rumour mill has been hedging its bets on the January unveiling of Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S phone, expected to be the Galaxy S4. Presumed specs, like an HD display and a 13-megapixel camera, were bandied about.

But Samsung does not have plans to release the follow-up to its best-selling S3 smartphone at the Las Vegas trade show in January, CNET has reported.

“At the tech confab, Samsung is planning to introduce a number of electronic products, heavily focused on televisions, according to people familiar with the company's plans. Those announcements, however, do not include any major mobile news, and Samsung plans to showcase its mobile products at a separate media event after CES,” the website alleged.

Instead, the South Korean firm is likely to focus its CES announcements around its television line. We already know Samsung is planning to launch an 85in UHDTV at the event, but some reports suggest to the corresponding launch of a commercially viable ultra-HD television.

Samsung’s recently released official CES trailer (below) promises “something new”, though it divulges no specifics about what category that something may fall under.