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Apple rolls out iOS 6 bug-fixing update

Apple has rolled out an updated version of iOS 6, which fixes a problem with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The iOS 6.0.2 update "fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi," according to Apple's software update notice. To see if the update has rolled out to your device, tap Settings > General > Software Update.

The update took about 20 minutes to install on the iPhone 5, after which the phone need a reboot to complete the upgrade.

The bug had left some people without easy access to Wi-Fi. "In rare instances, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch may be unable to enable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in Settings," Apple said in an October security notice. Some users reported seeing a greyed out dim Wi-Fi or Bluetooth setting. Others saw a missing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth MAC Address or a device that displayed all zeros in Settings > General > About.

Until today, Apple was recommending that users restore their network settings to rectify the Wi-Fi bug. As ZDNet noted recently, meanwhile, another bizarre fix required users to put their Apple gadget in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for 10 - 20 minutes.

Apple iOS 6.0.1 rolled out in early November with small bugs, including issues with the onscreen keyboard and camera flash.

The major iOS 6 upgrade, meanwhile, became available on 19 September, and is pre-installed on the iPhone 5 and new iPads. It brings with it a number of new features, but it was the much-maligned Apple Maps app that made the most headlines. Apple Maps replaced Google Maps, but it wasn't exactly ready for primetime. As a result, when Google released its own Google Maps iOS app this past week, it nabbed more than 10 million downloads in 48 hours.