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Samsung to storm CES 2013 with flexible smartphone and TV displays

There has been much talk lately of Samsung's efforts to develop flexible displays for its consumer products, and the latest information to reach us appears to confirm that it's not merely idle speculation.

Indeed, officials from Samsung Display have apparently confirmed that the Korean electronics giant will be formally debuting two flexible screens next month at CES 2013.

That in and of itself doesn't come as the biggest surprise - the world's leading tech firms will all be bringing their A-game to Vegas in January and futuristic bendy displays are one sure-fire way to wow the crowds. What's more interesting is the revelation of the size of the screens in question.

According to CNET, attendees at the industry-leading showcase will be treated to a preview of 5.5in and 55in flexible displays. It doesn't take a total geek to figure out that the former is a perfect fit for the follow-up to Samsung's popular Galaxy Note 2 'phablet', and that a 55in screen would be appropriate for a television or monitor.

Rumours of a flexible display, often dubbed the 'Samsung Galaxy Skin,' have been in circulation as far back as 2011 (see bottom) - when a concept video was released - and gathered pace this year after the Seoul-based manufacturer gave its sexy new display technology a limited debut at CES 2012.

The hope is now that rather than simply being a futuristic concept, Samsung will unveil some kind of a prototype device featuring a bendable screen at CES 2013.

Stay tuned to ITProPortal for more build-up to the annual showcase - our delegation will be hopping the pond shortly after holiday festivities subside to cover CES 2013 in full, so we're also your one-stop shop for live news from the blockbuster event.