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Virgin Mobile offers unlimited tethered data access for just £12 a month

Virgin Mobile (VM) users have made for the network's help forums to get an official confirmation that VM's unlimited packages allow tethering, after the popular VNO listed unlimited data packages for just £12 a month.

The aforementioned deal also comes with unlimited texts and 150 minutes of call time. Add £3 for a £15 total tariff and you'll get 250 minutes to chat, while an £18 investment will give you 1,200 minutes of talk time a month. For even bigger callers, Virgin Mobile has a Premiere (SIM-only) package which costs £20 and includes unlimited minutes to landlines and 2,500 minutes on other devices.

Note that SIM-only packages from Virgin Mobile are on a 30-day rolling contract, and that Virgin Mobile uses EE’s network. It’s also worth highlighting the fact that existing Virgin Media customers only get unlimited calls to Virgin Mobile numbers as a bonus.

Virgin Mobile pay monthly contracts, on the other hand, provide relatively poorer value for money. The cheapest way to get unlimited data is to get on Virgin Mobile’s Premiere package which costs £26 per month (or £21 for Virgin Media users).

By way of comparison, tethering is available on Three’s One Plan for £25 per month SIM-only, and £28 per month on two-year contracts.

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