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T-Mobile Energy touchscreen smartphone available for £20

T-Mobile is selling the Energy smartphone for just £19.99 plus a compulsory £10 top-up voucher which either gives 70 free internal minutes, 100 free UK minutes or unlimited free texts. You get to keep your £10 credit.

Compared to the Orange Sydney, which costs the same and is built by the same Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, the Energy has an additional 2GB microSD card thrown in for free and a bigger screen with a higher resolution (3.5in, 480 x 320 pixels), although it has a smaller battery.

The rest of the specifications are similar: Wi-Fi, a 3.2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, a microUSB port and ZTE’s own Java-based proprietary operating system which looks a lot like Android but doesn’t offer any app marketplace.

The phone is an ideal second handset or one for a young child who wants to have a touchscreen device like mum or dad.

There are cheaper touchscreen smartphones like the Vodafone VF455 (£26 including £10 top up at Argos) or the Alcatel OT-710 (£29.90 including £10 top up at E2Save), but none of them match the iPhone-like design of the Energy.