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Price of Apple iPad 4G tablets discounted by up to 11 per cent

Popular high street retailer Carphone Warehouse is currently offering five out of the six Apple iPad 4G SKUs (stock keeping units) with discounts of up to 11 per cent. It also offers savings on the iPad Mini and the iPad 2.

You save £40 on the 16GB model, £50 on the 32GB model and 16GB 4G model, £60 on the 64GB one and 32GB 4G one. Savings on the iPad Mini are less important and Carphone Warehouse only stocks half of the models (only the 4G one) with the 16GB & 32GB models costing £20 less than at Apple and the 64GB available at a £50 discount. As for the two iPad 2 models, they are available with a £33 and £43 discount respectively.

Note that the only major difference compared to buying from Apple is that you won’t get free engraving. Apple launched two new Apple iPad models. One which is popularly referred to as the fourth generation iPad and the other one called the iPad mini. Rumour has it that Apple may be launching its fifth generation iPad (or iPad 5) in the first quarter of 2013; should this be true, it will be Apple’s third 9.7in tablet in a year.

The new iPad 4G keeps the retina display of the old model but upgrades the processor, adds 4G support and a new Lightning connector.

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