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Game over for 11 Zynga games

Zynga has cut 11 of its popular online games, TechCrunch has reported.

The changes have been slowly rolling out to almost a dozen of the company's titles, including PetVille, Mafia Wars 2, and Treasure Isle.

The mass cancellations are a means of streamlining Zynga's operations as its engineers, designers, and product teams were spread thin among 35-plus games, which cost the company money it doesn't have.

The full list encompasses some of Zynga's most popular games, most of which were playable via Facebook, and some that were also available on iOS and Android devices.

Shut down 5 December: FishVille, Vampire Wars, Treasure Isle

Shut down 21 December: Montopia

Shut down 30 December: PetVille, Mafia Wars 2

Closed to new players and expected to shut down 14 January: Indiana Jones Adventure World

Pulled from app stores: Mafia Wars Shakedown, Forestville, Mojitomo, Word Scramble Challenge

The changes may not seem like a big deal to those who still have access to Words With Friends or simply shun all social media-based games. But for many, Zynga's decision has been a real loss with a few consumers choosing to boycott all Zynga products as a consequence.

Those looking for a replacement can still turn to other popular Zynga games, like Farmville 2, The Ville, Words With Friends, and Zynga Poker.

It's no surprise that game maker Zynga is shuttering a number of its titles, following the dismal year the company has had. In January, the company was accused of ripping off two separate games. By April, it reported a total $85.4 million (£52.3 million) loss, the possible impetus for twin shareholder lawsuits that accused Zynga of failing to warn stockholders about declining revenue.

In early August, Electronic Arts put Zynga in its crosshairs, suing the gaming company for copyright infringement. Days later, chief operating officer John Schappert resigned, leaving the company with another bleak quarterly net loss.

Layoffs and office closures ended October, while Zynga announced recently that its Japanese operations will shutter by the end of January.