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PlayJam launches “most portable TV games console ever” on Kickstarter

PlayJam has unveiled a Kickstarter campaign for its proposed home console, GameStick. The Smart TV game service requires $100,000 (£61,372) to fund the full production of its “portable, affordable, dedicated TV gaming device.” Donations start from $10 (£6) with customary bonuses attached to larger investments.

The Android powered console comes in the form of a USB stick that fits directly into its own Bluetooth enabled controller for easy transport. The user only needs to plug the diminutive console into the HDMI slot of their TV to begin gaming.

The device is expected to be priced at $79 (£49) and will “feature a purpose-built game store through which users will be able to browse and download content”.

“We wanted to push the boundaries of what has been achieved up to now by packing sufficient power into the most portable of devices, enabling users to carry that experience with them wherever they go,” explained PlayJam CEO, Jasper Smith.

“We are fortunate to have been able to utilise our existing technology to get us to this point and have preferred manufacturers in place and an existing developer network ready to go. However, to get this project over the line and into full production, we need the support of the backers on Kickstarter," he added.

The GameStick includes Android's Jelly Bean OS and an Amlogic 8726-MX processor. The prospective console is being pushed as an open platform by PlayJam, which is reinforcing this point by handing out free system development kits for interested developers.

“The mobile games market thrives on the use of open platforms and we wanted to bring the same ethos to TV,” said PlayJam.

"To date, the most accessible route to TV gaming for the consumer has been the traditional games console – this is changing. GameStick gives the thousands of Android developers out there an additional route to bring an affordable big-screen gaming experience direct to their fans. What’s more, we wanted to do this via a unique, highly portable device that will enable pure social gaming – by that we mean people sharing great experiences in the same room!” Smith concluded.