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Recipe site Punchfork becomes Pinterest's first acquisition

Pinterest has made its first acquisition - recipe discovery site Punchfork.

Punchfork CEO Jeff Miller announced the news via a message to users. While support for Punchfork will continue for now, the company will ultimately retire its website, API, and mobile apps.

"We believe that a unified destination benefits our users in the long run," Miller said. "The Punchfork team will focus on contributing to Pinterest as the premier platform for discovering and sharing new recipes and other interests on the web."

While details on the integration of the two sites are scarce, Punchfork will likely find it easy to set up shop on Pinterest. It already has a very Pinterest-esque layout, with tiled images showcasing recipes for almond cupcakes, spinach feta turkey burgers, meatball sub casserole, and gluten-free cinnamon buns.

"Punchfork helps people discover popular new recipes in a visual way and encourages them to share these recipes with their family and friends," a Pinterest spokeswoman said. "People come to Pinterest to find inspiration for their everyday lives and we think Punchfork's mission aligns with this well."

Founded in January 2011, Punchfork runs on a series of algorithms that cultivate recipes based on social data, popularity ratings, search quality, and real-time posts from food blogs and recipe sites. The service aims to point users to top-rated recipes for a specific dish or a use for the leftover ingredients sitting in their fridge, and even allows filtering by diet preference.

"Our mission at Punchfork has been to help home cooks discover new, high quality recipes and share them with family and friends," Miller said. "It is a mission driven by a belief in the ability of web and mobile platforms to inspire our lives online - at home, in our communities, and for Punchfork, wherever meals are shared."

The site will continue running initially, but will soon shut down, pulling support for apps that tap into Punchfork's API, including DuckDuckGo, Pulse, Food Genius, and CookItForUs.

"Our sincerest thanks to our community members, friends, and everyone involved with Punchfork since its launch. See you on Pinterest!" Miller said.