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CES 2013: LG introduces 55in and 65in UHD TVs, touts ‘smart' products

The South Korean firm kicked off CES with a resolute focus on displays and ‘smart’ products during its press conference this morning.

James Fishler, LG’s head of product marketing, announced the introduction of 55in and 65in Ultra-HD television sets, which will be joining its already-announced mammoth 84in UHDTV to complete its 4K offerings. All of the models will include a technology that will allow the upscaling of HD content to 4K resolution, though Fishler said the company was actively working with industry partners to ensure that more 4K content will be available as the sets become more commercially viable. There’s no word yet on the pricing or availability of these models.

LG also announced that its 55in OLED TV, teased earlier this year, will be available commercially in the US as of March and will retail for approximately $12,000 (£7,300). The set will begin shipping in Korea next month. However, there’s no word yet as to when, or whether, the TV will come to the UK or other global markets.

The firm also announced its Hecto laser TV projector, which can project a 100in display from just 22 inches away. Though details about availability are scarce thus far, it’s due to retail in the US and in Korea this year.

In more TV news, LG revealed that all of its 2013 sets will be LED-based, with no CCFL models to be released.

LG’s press conference also revealed an emphasis on connectivity and convenience in the home, with series of refrigerators, washers and dryers, ovens and other home appliances getting smarter updates in 2013. Customers will be able to remotely manage their appliances via Wi-Fi capability, as well as issue commands to their devices through NFC.

“What we need is a ‘Smart Life’, not just products claiming to be smart,” said special guest speaker LG CTO Dr Skott Ahn.

There was notably no mobile news, though LG hinted at some possible smartphone announcements at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

ITProPortal will be visiting LG’s booth this week, so stay tuned for more details on the company’s plans for 2013. In the meantime, visit our CES 2013 hub for up-to-date new from Las Vegas.