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CES 2013: Sharp to bring 4K 32in television in H2 2013

Sharp Electronics’ presentation this morning highlighted the company’s commitment to making IGZO, an acronym (and incidentally the trademark for the technology) for Iridium gallium zinc oxide.

The Japanese electronics giant believes that IGZO will give it the edge over existing display technologies by combining a lower power consumption (up to 90 per cent less compared to some rivals) and improved resolution plus some nifty features like the ability to keep the last image permanent even after powering off.

On the agenda for 2013 are two Aquos smartphones, a new IGZO tablet and a 32in 4K IGZO television/monitor. The latter will have a built-in 4K upscaler, a 240Hz panel active 3D with Bluetooth 3D glasses and an integrated sub-woofer.

In addition, the company will ship 21 TV SKUs globally at 60in and larger with the largest commercial size hitting 90in. Sharp is already very aggressive in the UK on 50inch or more television sets with 60in models starting from under £900.

Other notable points of the keynote this morning include the adoption of the Quattron colour technology in more models with a switch from RGB to RGBY, a new technology called Super bright which is set to improve panel brightness by up to 50 per cent and a smart TV platform called Smart Central which will include dual core SoCs, HTML5 and Flash support plus built in Wi-Fi by default,

Sharp also revealed that it is working on evolving cheaper and alternative ways to increase the number of pixels on a panel to hit Ultra HD resolutions without physically shoving more on a panel.

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