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Could the PS4 be revealed as soon as February?

Sony has dispatched invites to “Destination PlayStation,” a three-day event taking place 25-28 February in Scottsdale, Arizona that is being officially described as a showcase for the PS Vita and PlayStation 3’s 2013 line-up of games.

However, multiple commentators have speculated that the event could also herald a formal announcement regarding Sony's next console offering, the PlayStation 4, with some even tipping the release of the hardware well ahead of schedule.

Whatever the case, Destination PlayStation looks a good bet to give Sony a head start in press coverage this year, as the event pre-empts both prominent industry showcase E3 - taking place in Los Angeles in June - and the launch of the Microsoft Xbox 720, which is expected to be released in time for Christmas 2013.

The PS4 is not expected to be released until Spring 2014, so Destination PlayStation is likely to provide early details regarding the release of Sony's next console at best - though we wouldn't rule out Sony having a trick of some sort up its sleeve.

In related news, the chipset likely to feature in the Xbox 720 is purportedly on the brink of entering mass production - one reason it's thought that Microsoft's launch schedule is at a more advanced stage than its Japanese rival.

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