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CES 2013: HP reveals host of new monitors

Among its CES announcements on Monday, HP unveiled a slew of new monitors that cater to professionals and consumers alike.

Kicking off the professional side is the HP u160 15.6in LED Backlit Monitor. It's a 15.6in screen featuring an integrated leather-bound case that bears a strong resembles to a large Moleskin notebook. In addition to propping up the u160 during use, the leather case also protects the display when it's carried around, which comes in handy since the u160 is highly portable. Weighing 1.5kg and measuring 1.02in thin, it can easily be toted from one business meeting to the next without adding too much heft. Further adding to its portability is the fact that the u160 is USB-powered, so users can simply plug it into their USB ports instead of having to worry about available power outlets or heavy power bricks. UK prices and availability have not been confirmed by HP on any of the monitors revealed as yet, but in the US the u160 (below) will ship later this month and will carry a $179 (£111) price tag.

The HP ProDisplay series, meanwhile, sports a more traditional form factor. The series is available in three different sizes: the P191 is 18.5in, the P201 and P201m are 20in (the latter features built-in speakers), and P221 is 21.5in. Regardless of which size you choose, they're great for businesses or kiosks since each can be wall mounted. Moreover, each is flexible, offering 35 degrees of tilt adjustability and 90-degree pivot rotation, allowing for horizontal and vertical orientation.

Rounding out HP's lineup of professional-grade monitors is the HP x2401 24in LED Backlit Monitor (below), whose 24in display is housed in a thin chassis that features an elegant brushed metal finish. Despite having almost no bezel, the x2401's chin is slightly taller than an ordinary monitor, which in turn slightly elevates it above your desk's surface to allow for increased visibility. In addition to sporting full HD resolution and HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity, the x2401 also offers a 178-degree viewing angle. The x2401 is slated to be available in the US in November for $249 (£155).

On the consumer end of the equation, meanwhile, HP unveiled its lineup of Pavilion IPS Monitors, which will be available in five sizes ranging from 20-27in (27in model pictured below). With the exception of the 20in 20xi model, each features 1,920-by-1,080 full HD resolution as well as HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA connectivity (the 20xi, by contrast, has a maximum resolution of 1,600 by 900 and lacks an HDMI port). Every monitor in the new Pavilion IPS Monitor lineup is housed in a sleek, thin chassis featuring an edge-to-edge bezel-less display as well as IPS technology that offers 178-degree horizontal and vertical wide-viewing angles. The HP Pavilion IPS Monitors are expected to be available in the US on 20 January, and prices range from $129.99 (£80) to $339.99 (£250) depending on the display size.

Rounding out HP's announcement is the HP Envy 27 Monitor (below), which features a 27in IPS LCD panel with edge-to-edge cover glass and a slim profile. With full HD resolution and built-in speakers featuring Beats Audio technology, the Envy 27 is designed to cater to both your eyes and ears. The HP Envy 27 Monitor will be available in the US from 3 February and will carry a $499 (£310) price tag.