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CES 2013: Intel launches new Atom smartphone platform

Last year Intel entered the smartphone market with its Medfield chipset appearing in the Orange San Diego and Motorola Razr i. This year Intel is rolling out a new Atom-based SoC designed for handsets in emerging markets.

Unsurprisingly it’s a single-core solution, like Medfield, but with the clock speed topping out at 1.2GHz. Despite being single-core, the Z2420 does support Intel hyper-threading, so it will still be able to execute two threads simultaneously.

Despite being aimed at the value segment, the new platform isn’t short of features. The camera can shoot 1080p video at 30fps, while playing back HD content isn’t a problem either, and there’s a full suite codecs too.

There’s a five-megapixel rear facing camera which can execute a burst mode shoot at 7fps, along with a 1.3-megapixel front facing option. Unlike the San Diego before it, the new platform reference design includes a micro-SD card slot for augmenting the storage.

A built-in FM tuner means that you can listen to music on the go without burning through your data, and there’s dual-SIM support, with both SIMs active simultaneously. There’s even built-in Wi-Di for streaming video direct from the phone to your TV.

There are already three design wins based on the new platform from Acer, Safaricom and Lava, but we’re only likely to see the Acer in the UK, if we see any at all.

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