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CES 2013: Lilliputian demos Nectar mobile charging system

One of the big trends on display at CES this week are products promising to solve your mobile battery woes. Among them, Lilliputian and Brookstone’s Nectar Mobile Power System has been receiving a lot of buzz since first being revealed at an early CES press event.

The fuel cell power system promises to power your smartphones and tablets for two weeks - or however long it takes your device to burn through 55,000Mwh of energy - completely on the go and without the need to plug into any power outlets. Nectar is compatible with any device that can be charged via USB 2.0, including smartphones, tablets, and eBook readers.

Here’s how it works: insert a hot-swappable, disposable pod into the Nectar power system, plug your device in, and get full charging power without having to plug into an electrical socket. Once the pod’s power runs out, recycle it and replace it with another one.

Because of its disposable nature, Nectar brings up serious questions about waste that lead me to wonder whether this is practical solution for the average consumer. Moreover, its prices - the power system itself costs $300 (£187) and each pod costs $10 (£6) - do Nector few favours in positioning itself as a consumer-oriented product.

Still, its advantages are undeniable. The system weighs 200g while each pod weighs just 35g, making it an incredibly lightweight solution, even moreso than many conventional rechargeable battery packs. Lilliputian told ITProPortal that Nectar has been approved for use aboard both US and international flights by the UN International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Air Transport Association and the US Department of Transportation regulations - a feat that will likely be a boon for Nectar’s marketing.

While I’m unsure about where exactly Nectar will fit in the consumer electronics market, perhaps we may see its technology used in more environment- and budget-friendly ways.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Nectar Mobile Power System, Brookstone will begin accepting pre-orders of the device on 12 January 2013, with first shipments due to arrive this summer.