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CES 2013: Netgear VueZone wireless cameras go dark

I’ve been toying with the idea of installing IP cameras around my home, but now Netgear has convinced me to go ahead and do it. At its CES 2013 press conference Netgear showed off its VueZone IP cameras, and they look like just the ticket.

The VueZone cameras are tiny, literally fitting in the palm of your hand. They’re also completely wireless, connecting to your home Wi-Fi network and powered by a lithium battery that’s good for six months of use.

Installation takes minutes, making it simple to move the cameras between locations as required. The VueZone cameras can also be motion activated, further enhancing battery life.

The video stream from the cameras can be viewed on any iOS or Android mobile device, and you can add up to 15 zones. You can record footage directly to your mobile device or take snapshots. The cameras can also be viewed through any web browser.

The fully wireless nature of VueZone means that it really can be used anywhere. Netgear even has a protective, weather-proof shell so you can mount cameras outside as well as in.

All the footage from the VueZone cameras is beamed directly to the cloud, ensuring that it’s kept safe and easily accessible. The cloud storage also means that if someone breaks into your home, they can’t simply steal the camera to hide their identity.

Today Netgear announced an addition to the VueZone range; a night-vision camera. Although the new Night Vision VueZone is still completely wireless, the infrared lamp that comes with it requires AC power. However, the two part system means that the camera can be used during the day as well as the night.

If you want to keep an eye on your home, your children or even your pets during the day, the VueZone system could be ideal.

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