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CES 2013: Samsung launches new TVs, revamps Smart Hub interface

At a very well attended CES press event this afternoon, Samsung showed off a bevy of new TV products, including UHD TV and OLED models and a revamped Smart TV user interface. While some in the audience were no doubt disappointed by the lack of mobile and tablet news, it was clear that the South Korean firm has a lot planned for 2013.

Samsung appears poised to make a big splash in the TV space this year. This afternoon, it introduced a series of new Smart TVs, including an 85in Ultra-HD TV - the world’s biggest - that features an interesting floating design. The TV is powered by a quad-core processor, making it three times faster than 2012 models, Samsung said.

The firm also showed off its 55in OLED TV, first introduced at last year’s CES, though it did not offer details about availability. The mythical TV will be the first to offer the new Multiview feature, which allows users to watch two different programs at the same time on the same set. Samsung also announced its LED 8000 series, which includes 65in and 75in models that feature the same quad-core processor as ithe UHD TV.

But perhaps Samsung’s most important TV-related announcement is its completely redesigned Smart Hub TV interface. The crux of the new interface is its five-panel design, which allows users to easily navigate between On TV; Movies & TV Shows; Photos, Videos & Music; Social; and Apps. The emphasis here is on recommendations, via the new S-Recommendation service, which the company describes as intuitive and humanlike.

Users will be able to toggle between watch videos via on-air television, streaming services, or even videos that are trending on their social networks. And with the Smart Evolution Kits that it announced last year, owners of 2012 and higher Smart TV models will be able to update their sets simply through a small plastic piece that will bring the new interface to older versions – something Samsung described as a “brain transplant for your TV”.

Stay tuned to ITProPortal's dedicated CES 2013 hub for a closer look at Samsung’s new TV products this week, and for more details about pricing and availability as they emerge.