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CES 2013: TEAC showcases new mini hi-fi system

TEAC has disclosed details on its new top of the range hi-fi system, the TEAC Reference 501. Sporting a component price of £699 – available to purchase on a ‘pick and mix’ basis from January - the system is being aimed at the dedicated audiophile.

The full audio setup is comprised from four key components, the AI-501DA is a 90w per channel Integrated Amplifier with DAC that is promised to hold the latest in high efficiency Class-D amplifier technology. The amp is purported to require no fan ventilation as it has low power consumption, utilising 0.2w in standby mode.

The AI-501DA also boasts Windows and Mac support and offers “four digital inputs (USB, coaxial, 2 x optical) that feed a 32-bit/192khz precision D/A converter, the BurrBrown PCM1502”.

The UD-501 Dual Mono is a DSD-compatible Digital-to-Analogue Converter that processes digital signals from a number of sources. It accomplishes this via two 32-bit/192kHz BurrBrown PCM1795 DAC chips and four audiophile-grade MUSES8920 OpAmps that handle the analogue output, all of which is evenly distributed across two stereo channels allowing for a Dual Mono design that weighs just 4kg.

Furthermore, the UD-501 can natively process USB located PCM audio files of up to 32-bit/384kHz resolution, as well as multiple inputs including SB, 2 x optical, 2 coaxial, and both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) outputs and a headphone stage.

The hi-fi also consists of an old fashioned CD player – which again is DSD compatible - dubbed the PD-501HR. Its Vibration Acoustic Control System (VACS) is asserted to eliminate stray vibrations, thus minimising read errors and improving sound quality. It can also play computer-created DVDs encoded with DSD 2.8/5.6Mz audio content.

The last component piece on offer is the Class-A headphone amplifier, HA-501 Dual Mono, which looks to capitalise on the current headphone boom by extending the Reference 501’s Dual Mono design ethos to the amp, whilst specialist audio-optimised MUSES8920 OpAmps help provide high-resolution analogue output for any connected headphones.

Furthermore, each channel enjoys a discrete, all Class-A circuit designed to eliminate any possibility of crosstalk and signal interference. Offering a frequency range of 2Hz-100kHz and 1,400mA of output power per channel (at 32 ohms impedance) the HA-501 can support headphones that function at 600 ohm.